DISCovering Style Blends and Spiritual Gifts
Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Do any of the people in your congregation struggle with:

  • where they "fit in" at church?
  • which spriritual gifts and abilities they can use to serve Christ?
  • clashes or conflicts with other members or staff?

Here's how we can help...

The DISCovering Style Blends and Spiritual Gifts seminar will train your members how spiritual gifts and personality types relate to each other, and where they fit best in the ministries of your church.

The seminar first focuses on Biblical Conflict Resolution. This is so important! Most people resist involvement or become uninvolved in ministry because of misunderstandings and abuses. Most of the problems in the church today are not theological. They are relational and personality clashes with other church or staff members. 

We then show how each member's giftedness is identified and fitted for ministry. Getting members involved in ministries, plus teaching them how to avoid and resolve conflicts while involved will help them continue "growing" step-by-step toward spiritual maturity.

Results You Can Expect...

After participating in this seminar, your members will be able to:

  • build better relationships
  • resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • understand what each spiritual gift entails and how God uses people for his kingdom
  • understand the correlation between spiritual gifts and personality styles
  • develop a personalized statement that describes their potential purpose and areas of ministry