Parenting Seminar
Understanding Yourself and Your Child

The purpose of this seminar is to provide insights into methods to encourage, influence, and build self-confidence in children by recognizing the child's personality style and thenĀ giving tips to parent effectively.

Through a fun and interactive experience, you will learn:

  • to apply healthy boundaries to guide your children to become productive, sound adults
  • methods to encourage children to enhance their natural gifts
  • methods to help children accept the differences of others
  • how a visual comparison of our personality styles as parents will illustrate ways to interact and communicate with our children for a better relationship
  • how to recognize similarities and differences to gain insight on potential misunderstandings and battles
  • that different personality styles have different communication styles
  • keys on showing respect
  • methods to teach children how to interact with others for clarity and understanding
  • parenting suggestions on how to help children relate to people