Marriage Enrichment Seminar
Undestanding Yoursekf and Your Mate

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It brings love and fulfillment like no other relationship. Also, it can bring pain and rejection like no other relationship. Healthy boundaries create freedom within marriage. Receiving your mate comes from understanding and building trust together. Respecting your mate comes from recognizing and then celebrating differences which creates balance between both parties. Every day we encounter opportunities in life. These opportunities can turn love and fulfillment into pain and rejection, or turn pain and rejection into love and fulfillment! How we implement our understanding of personality styles is the key to giving and receiving love and finding fulfillment in our marriage.

This seminar provides important principles for veteran married couples to help guard their marriage and also help each individual become the right person in the relationship.

Through fun and interactive discussion you will learn how to:

  • understand and communicate expectations and tension responses
  • appreciate and celebrate differences
  • visually compare personality styles as individuals and as a couple for basic understanding and clarity
  • identify areas of potential misunderstanding and differing points of view
  • recognize different personality types' potential challenges and perspectives
  • identify clues to enhance the relationship and interaction
  • identify issues that tend to cause strife and misunderstanding and how to evaluate them for change
  • how to communicate in love in order to connect again