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Church and School

"We have used Keith and the Dynamic Human Behavior Solutions training several times for staff development with our team at Coastal Life Church. The training has helped us develop a very healthy team culture as we have learned to relate to each other. It has also helped us as we guide volunteer teams within our church by understanding what type of person we need to recruit for various roles and how to best lead them. If you are looking to develop a highly effective team culture, I strongly recommend this training with Keith Pesce."

James Pendleton - Lead Pastor - Coastal Life Church, Palm City, FL

"Keith administered the DISC testing and training for the majority of our over 100 employees. Over several training periods, Keith was successful in helping each employee identify their primary personality style and gain invaluable understanding as to how their unique profile affects the workplace environment. Not only did our employees greatly enjoy the training, in many aspects, it revolutionized our work environment. As our workers gained a more intimate understanding of themselves and each other, many of the personality conflicts in our workplace began to work themselves out. Subsequent to the training, we saw a much more cordial and efficient work environment evolve and productivity increased.

Keith did a fabulous job of personally engaging every participant while also drawing them into group exercises and interaction. Keith is an excellent presenter!"

Pete Tokar, Jr., Senior Pastor - Florida Bible Church, Miramar, FL 


"WAY-FM has worked with Keith Pesce and the Dynamic Human Behavior Solutions team for a number of years. The DISC assessment material Keith has shared with our various staffs has been amazing. The response and results have been very positive. Our sales teams have used the assessments to better serve our clients. Our creative teams have used the assessments to understand each other and work together better. Our management team has gotten new perspective on working inter and cross departmentally. I highly recommend Keith and the DISC system."

Lloyd Parker, Chief Operating Officer, Way Media, Inc.

"Thank you for a fantastic presentation in discovering and understanding the unique differences each of our leadership team members represent within our company. It was a great eye opener in understanding each one of our personality styles/types that we each bring to the table.

This has enabled our leadership team to be more conscious of how we manage ourselves in order to be more constructive and productive as leaders.


I find myself as General Manager, identifying the style of each manager and having a better understanding with regards to their challenges and motivational needs. I have also obtained valuable information that plays a big role in my personal/family life. It was a great relief to better understand my personal and family relationships. I found that those relationships have improved or have become easier to understand and respond to. I found myself giggling with relief that I had truly misinterpreted/misunderstood certain behaviors from those close to me in my life.


As I learned more about myself, I clearly understood WHY I interpreted  certain behaviors to be negative, when that is not always the case.

I found that by adjusting and having a clearer understanding of these differences I was able to respond more appropriately as well as dissolve unnecessary tension or disappointment between myself and that person. Wow, what a relief it is! We all know we are different, but we forget sometimes how different we are! 


I would recommend this learning experience to everyone whether it is for a working environment or a personal relationship/family environment.

The more understanding we have of ourselves and those who surround us in our day-to-day lives can only be beneficial to all!"

Julie Andrews - General Manager, SpringHill Suites by Marriott, Port St. Lucie, Florida
"Our team works in a creative environment, with lots of interaction with each other. I brought Keith in to help us learn how to better relate to one another, and the results have been very impressive. His session helped make a strong team even stronger.
We've learned that one size doesn't fit all, and that each person is wired up a different way. The DISC assessment helped us identify the natural bent of our fellow team members, and more importantly, helped us learn about our own strengths and areas for potential growth. My staff was very enthusiastic about this tool, and they are continuing to apply what they have learned through Keith's session with us. It has really improved the way we interact with each other, and the online tools are something we will continue to use in the future.
I'd highly recommend the DISC assessment exercise and Keith's services!"

Jim Marshall, General Manager
88.1 WAY-FM Radio
West Palm Beach, FL