Church Programs
"Partnering with Your Church to Make an Impact in People's Lives"

There are many people who come together at church. Along with them, come their varied personalities.

At church, we bond with each other for many dynamic and personal reasons. Here, every bit as important as home or the workplace, we need to be able to understand, communicate and be accepting of others.

Since churches are not immune to people-oriented challenges and conflicts, we specialize in assisting churches to train leadership, staff, and members to understand themselves and others in order to build better teams and more effective relationships.

We offer Bible-based seminars and workshops to help churches become more effective in the following areas: (click links below for info)

Understanding Yourself and Others

church leadership development

staff interaction dynamics

job role and volunteer role assessment

pre-marriage and marriage enrichment


building ministry teams

DISCovering Spiritual Gifts


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