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Hiring Insights

How to hire employees that “fit” a job or position …

Hiring “the right person” for a position just got easier.

It can be a real challenge to find and hire someone who is a good fit for a position. Beyond identifying skills and experience, it can be difficult to determine if there will be good “chemistry” between the new person and the environment that he or she will be placed in. That is where personality styles are a huge factor.

Hiring Insights (online DISC assessment and report) can help you find candidates that best “FIT” the position you are trying to fill.  In short, you will be better able to find a candidate that will most naturally excel in a given position. Most hiring is based on “hard skills” and work background, and that criteria is very important and necessary. DISC assessments do not replace your existing methodology; it ENHANCES your ability to locate someone who is most likely to perform well AND remain happy in the position. Thus, your turnover will be reduced which will save you time and money in the long run.   You will be able to easily do the following:

  • Characterize the personality traits of the ideal candidate for the role or job position that you are trying to fill
  • Chart all of your candidates / applicants on one graph along with the ideal candidate or an at-a-glance view of your options
  • Learn each candidate’s strengths
  • Learn what motivates each person
  • Combine input from multiple people on your team to determine the traits of your ideal candidate.